An organization at RISD, Brown, MIT, and Yale, that fascilitates interdisciplinary thinking and learning through our publications, lectures, and workshops.

RISD STEAM is a student group at RISD which aims to engage students with the rising push to include art and design thinking into the traditional "STEM" model of education. We do this through hosting events that are workshops, lectures, and discussions. Check out our website.

Since it's founding in 2013, RISD STEAM has spread to Brown, MIT, and Yale.

Human + Computer Class & Show

Part of my job in RISD STEAM was to create Catalogue Two, a combination of our thoughts and learnings about integrating the arts and sciences through education. Many thanks to Catherine for all of her help. Full .pdf here.

Human + Computer Class & Show

Another project I lead was a workshop series called Human + Computer that facilitated collaborative body-machine interfaces between Brown, RISD, and MIT students. I co-facilitated the workshop with David Mellis, Sophia Brueckner, and Tiffany Tseng. Press: Scientific American, The Creator's Project, and RISD Media.

posters for RISD STEAM

Other activities I did for STEAM include designing miscellaneous posters, teaching a workshop on Arduino and 3D printing, and respresenting STEAM at various events. Go STEAM go!