A platform for student-taught workshops at RISD.

In the winter of 2013, I took over RISD Quickies as co-director with Connor Lynch. Since then, we've scaled from ~50 people a year attending a Quickie to 600 during Wintersession 2015! Thanks goes out to Elizabeth for being my fearless co-director, and Barron and Eli for doing the design of our new website.

In order to keep attendees apprised of changes of plan, we created a website, which is updated everyday to reflect any changes that aren't visible on the posters.

In order to engender greater ownership and confidence in the instructors, we created the Instructors manual. We gave the instructors more responsibility, but coached them through every step and gave examples in order to help anyone feel confident proposing a Quickie. All GD Elizabeth Goodspeed.

Graphic design of posters by Elizabeth. Art direction and strategy was a shared effort.