Design the branding for polymaker, a 3D printing start-up with a lot of promise. Full design guide available >>>here<<<.

My journey start with polymaker in the summer of '13, which culminated in a 500% successful kickstarter project.

In the summer of '14 I went about designing a new brand for polymaker.

This is an alternate logo geometry that can be used for t-shirts, etc.

For the typography, I specified Gotham Rounded and Roboto, a pairing that scales to different sizes well and balances professionalism with character.

The three main colors I specified, Night Sky, Paper, and Foam, are very easy to adapt to multiple different situations.

I also provided a set of "experimental" colors which polymaker designers can use to change things up. These colors are guaranteed to resonate well with Night Sky, Paper, and Foam.

Then, I provided polymaker designers with a number of examples of how to implement the guidelines, from online ads, to letterheads and business cards.

In asian markets, it is common to have a cute animal as a brand ambassador. That's why I created Shelly, a cute snake that makes an appearance on our 404 pages, and customer service emails, etc.